Guitar Speed Trainer

Guitar Speed Trainer 2.3

GST is a program that teaches you how to improve your guitar playing speed (See all)

Many people love listening to guitar music. If you can play this classic musical instrument, you still have the chance to increase your skills and speed. You don't need a real guitar as the program will simulate its typical six strings. One reason that makes this program ideal for you is the detailed manual text that it has.

It teaches you the difference between speed classes, and shows how to increase and measure your play speed. The drills are highly customizable and can be configured to accompany your exercise, plus you can choose their musical phrase and adjust the speed curve using your mouse. Moreover, you can write your own drills.

The musical composer enables you to create your own music with your own tunes, speed, sequences, and patterns. The full version of the program teaches you guitar solos too. You will also learn how to use the right and left hand in playing, picking methods, Hammer, and Pull.

The program offers many secrets and tips regarding the usage and maintenance of your muscles, common mistakes, picks, L-R-B secretes, scratching, slicing, and coordination.
The program is only suitable for intermediate to advanced players.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Extensive training and explanations


  • Many pages of the course are viewable only in the full version
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